Who is Dirty Brown?

Dirty brown is everything a comic figure should be! She is a beautiful woman of mixed race (African-American/Caucasian) in her early twenties, who is one of the hottest DJs in town. She is sexy, sharp and bursting with charisma – a club queen who drives around the city in a cement truck she has modified to serve as both home and recording studio. Yes, she is really cool!

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A word about Tammy

Tammy Brown Elkeles, I started to write children's stories soon after a gave birth to my first child. I believe that children are an endless source of inspiration and joy and they can teach us important lessons about life. I've written seven children’s books available on Kindle, and there are more to come. Now I'm working on a comic books series for teenagers, D.J. Dirty Brown.

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Why we need funds?

To provide best comic ever for teenagers. We've already printed a sample run of the first issue, but we need the funds for a quality print run and distribution. We also have Indiegogo-exclusive stretch goals planned!
I want you all to say WOW!! and you'll happily refer this to your friends also.

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Dirty Brown Vol. #1

Dirty Brown Vol. #1

Dirty Brown is a young African-American girl who’s famous for her DJ abilities. Dirty lives in a cement truck that was transformed into a recording studio She’s very popular in the underground scene of the Big City for the unique nature sounds she records and then mixes.

The legend says that everybody who went to her parties became a different human being. “Her music is like LSD”, a die-hard fan once said about her in a music magazine.

Dirty Brown’s success is owed to an ancient rock she received from a street musician when she was in deep water with her career. She loved the gift so much that she tattooed the rock on her chest.

In time, she found that the rock had unexpected powers.

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Naomi Meets the Mighty Moon

Naomi Meets the Mighty Moon

What if one day you wake up the most popular human on Earth? Every night, Naomi rehearses a show in front of her parents. The show is about a girl named Gilly who throws a birthday party at the kindergarten. Gilli is the queen of the party and everybody talks and dances to the Gilly’s favorite song. But the reality is quite different…

Dido, the little dinosaur, dreams of flying and all day long he gazes at the sky, where the flying dinosaurs roam. One day, while walking in the forest, Dido finds a wounded flying dinosaur and, despite the fact that his parents are poor and have a limited amount of food, he decides to feed his new friend.

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A Trip to the Safari

A Trip to the Safari

What if your kid can actually see from a close distance droves of African animals: giraffes with endless necks, zebras with black & white stripes, huge elephants, sneaky snakes, crazy monkeys and tall flamingos?

In “A Trip to the Safari”, Mom takes Joe to the zoo where strange and wonderful things happen. Just when they’re about to go home, a heard of animals approach mom and Joe. Mom and Joe take cover and form a little hill on the middle of the road. They look in awe at the animals: a giraffe, a zebra, an elephant, a snake, a monkey, a lion, a flamingo and a tiger. The animals inspect the “hill”, some of them even sniff it.

Will mom and Joe escape with a whole skin after this encounter?


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Comic reveals the story of a young African-American girl (Dirty Brown) who’s famous for her DJ abilities. Dirty Brown’s success is owed to an ancient rock she received from a street musician when she was in deep water with her career. She loved the gift so much that she tattooed the rock on her chest. Find her complete strory through modern comic art work.

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